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MultiBlend MB100 Powder Blender

The Pharmatech MultiBlend MB100 batch blender has been developed as a free standing, mobile tumble blender designed for efficient mixing of powders and granules.

It is ideal for blending larger laboratory scale batches and small pilot scale batches. The large range of container sizes available for use with the MB100 makes it an ideal machine for formulation development and R&D applications.

The MultiBlend MB100 blender is designed for use in GMP correct, hygienic or contained production areas. It is particularly suited for use within the pharmaceutical and allied industries (nutraceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical) as a portable mixer of small containers.

The MB100 is widely used within the pharmaceutical industry for blending small scale solid dosage (secondary) and API (primary) product batches

High Level MB100 (Ex Rated) with Type A Guards

High Level MB100 mobile blending machine (Ex Rated) with Type A Guards
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MB100 powder blender

MultiBlend MB100
The MB100 blender is fitted with quick change clamp systems that allow the blending container to be quickly and easily changed between blends. Blender Drive Units are fitted with an Autopark facility so that the blending container always stops in the vertical position at the end of blending.
Low Level MB100 blender drive unit
Low Level MB100 drive unit blending a 50 litre drum and Type B Guards with 50 litre drum and Type B Guards with 50 litre drum and Type B Guards

MB100 blending a 50 litre drum - blender is fitted with Type B Guards
Trolleys for Blending Containers :

Trolleys are required when the blending container (shell) and contents weigh over 15kg. The trolley ensures the shell is presented at the correct height to the drive axle coupling.

75 litre Vee shell on a loading trolley
Attaching the blending container
100L Vee shell being attached to an MB100 blender
Operator Controls

The MB100 is supplied with easy to use touch screen HMI Controls. The unit allows the operator to input blend parameters such as time and speed and provides operator instructions and error messages.

The MB100 can be ATEX rated for use in flameproof / explosion proof areas.

HMI Operator Controls Panel

Operator controls are easy to use
HMI controls are easy to use. The text is available in a range of languages

Blending Containers

The MultiBlend MB100 can blend containers of any shape and any size from 0.1L up to 100L. The most common container shapes being:

•  Drum (barrel)
•  V-Shell (vee shell, y cone)
•  IBC (bin, tote)
•  Double Cone

In addition to our standard container range Pharmatech are able to offer an extensive range of container designs:

•  Replicates of existing containers
•  Scale models of production shells
•  Special shaped containers to meet process requirements.

Blending Containers
The MB100 can blend with containers of any shape. The most common container shapes are drum, V-shell, IBC and Double Cone.
The MB100 blender can handle any shape of blending container


The MB100 blender is fitted with the Quick-Change clamp system that ensures containers are detachable and easily interchangeable. The container changeover is carried out without the need for any tools.

Tilting BandClamp

The drive shaft on the MB100 is horizontal - ideal when blending with V-shells, IBCs or Double Cones - however for efficient blending drums should be tilted to an angle of 25° from the vertical. The Tilting Band Clamp allows drums to be loaded from normal trolleys and then manually tilted for blending.

MB100 with a Tilting BandClamp holding a 100L drum
MB100 with a Tilting BandClamp holding a 100L drum
Technical Details
Dimensions: See drawing to the right
Power Supply:
230V 50Hz 1 phase
24V control circuit
304 Stainless Steel
180 grit finish
Ex rating:
None (extra cost option)
IP Rating:
Drive Unit - IP65
Varies according to height of machine -
Approx. 100kg
General Arrangement of a HIGH level MB100General dimensions of a HIGH level MB100

X - Height of Drive Shaft. This height is adjusted so that the blending container can be discharged directly into a new container placed underneath.
Standard Features
All 304 stainless steel construction
Variable speed: 5 to 30 r.p.m.
HMI Controls
Electrical - requires 230v 50Hz supply
Autopark facility
Safety barrier circuit
GMP correct design
CE marked
For full product information
download the brochure.
Change chassis height to vary the height of the centre of rotation
PLC controls & printer
Non standard voltages
Interlocked guarding
Validation Documentation to cGMP (DQ, IQ, OQ & FAT)
ATEX rated to any standard
Tilting Band Clamp for use with drums

Maximum Load
For a product with a bulk density of 1g/cc the maximum loads will be:
65kg (65 litres) of product in a 100 litre shell

Machine Height
The MB100 is available in two different forms:
Low Level - ideal when loading from trolleys
(i.e. drums)
High Level- to allow the blending container to be discharged into a receiving container underneath

The PharmaBlend Range

The MB100 forms part of the PharmaBlend range of blenders. Alongside the MultiBlend MB100 are the AgiBlend AB100 agitated blender, and the BlendView BV100 PAT blender.

The AgiBlend AB100 - The blending action of the MB100 can be intensified to provide a high shear blending action within the container shell, through the introduction of the AgiBlend. The AgiBlend system incorporates an intensifier bar within the body of the container. Highly developed seal systems within the container prevent premature wear and product ingress into the seals, and along with the detachable drive connection ensure the containers remain interchangeable.

The BlendView BV100 - Combines the flexibility of the MB100 with Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), and more specifically Near Infra-Red (NIR) blend analysis. The NIR probe mounted through the blender drive shaft takes measurements of the powder/granules throughout the blending process and enables you to see what is happening in real-time during blending. The NIR system identifies the blending end point and helps you to understand your process, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your blending processes.

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